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incurious by John McGuire Limited Edition Personalized and Signed (Signed/Hardcover)

incurious by John McGuire Limited Edition Personalized and Signed (Signed/Hardcover)

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"Incurious" takes readers to a future where artificial intelligence dominates every aspect of life. Meet John Doe-57, a man who's grown accustomed to the quirky failures of the AI that runs his world. But everything changes when he inherits a relic from the 1990s, stirring him to question the omnipresence and flaws of the technology surrounding him.

In this satirical sci-fi novel, John embarks on a quest for human ingenuity, challenging the colossal AI-9000X that epitomizes society's flawed reliance on technology. Alongside characters like Jane Alpha-2 and the eccentric Mr. Null, John's journey is a blend of humor and critique, revealing the absurdities and dangers of an AI-dependent society.

From ludicrous AI mishaps, like catastrophic car crashes met with indifference, to the decline of personal identity and scientific rigor, "Incurious" is a poignant reflection on our current trajectory. The novel masterfully contrasts the past's richness with a sterile AI-dominated future, delivering a narrative that is as thought-provoking as it is entertaining.
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